History of the Asian Clinical Oncologist Society

About ACOS


The Asian Clinical Oncology Society was founded in1991. The first conference took place in Japan (Osaka) on 10/16/1991. Dr. Tetsuo Taguchi was the first leader, a Professor Emeritus of Osaka University. The Asia Clinical Oncology was committed to developing scientific oncology knowledge and taking care of cancer patients.

The conference is scheduled to occur every two years.  There have been ten meetings since 1991 held in different countries.  The society is composed of 19 Asian participant countries.  The current active members include Iran, Taipei, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Nepal, Korea, Sri Lank, Taiwan, Japan, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, China, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia, India, and Pakistan.

Past Presidents of ACOS

The first leader of the society was Tetsuo Taguchi of University of Osaka from 1991 to 2001. He was succeeded by Jin P Kim of Seoul from 2001 to 2003. The third president was Yan Sun of Chinese Academy of Medical Science from 2003 to 2010. The current chairperson of the society is Shigetoyo SAJI of Gifu University sworn in from 2010.

Sites of the Conferences

One of the charters of the Society is to host meetings all over the world, to give attendees access to difference focuses and venues. Following is a list of past meetings:

• 1991 – Osaka, Japan led by Tetsuo Taguchi
• 1993 – Bangkok, Thailand chaired by Dr. S. Puribhat
• 1996 – Kunming, China led by Yan Sun
• 1999 – Bali, Indonesia presided by Evert D.C. Poetiray.
• 2001 – Taipei, Taiwan led by Jacqueline Whang-Peng
• 2003 – Seoul, Korea overseen by Jin-Pok Kim
• 2006 – Beijing, China chaired by Yan Sun
• 2008 – Manila, Phillippines led by Antonio H. Villanlon
• 2010 – Gifu, Japan by Professor Shgetoyo Saji
• 2012 – Seoul, Korea headed by Professor Kyung Sam Cho
• 2014 – Taipei, Taiwan by Professor Tsang-Wu Liu
• 2016 – New Delhi, India led by Dr. Sanjeev Misra

Purpose of the ACOS conferences

medical conference

The fundamental objective of the conference is to unite people on a shared platform. The meetings provide clinical oncologists in Asian countries presentations, experiments, and cancer management. Also, recent progress on research from the workshop to the practical application is vital to educate oncology professional on cancer therapy. The conferences are essential in keeping doctors and medical workers current on state of the art oncology findings.

ACOS believes that cancer research and treatments are in a phase of fast, substantial progress in Western countries as well as Asian countries. It is therefore advisable for doctors in Asia to connect with the investigators and surgical oncologist through the Asia Clinical Oncology Society.

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