How Does Sugar Intake Affect Cancer?


Researchers may be in a position to explain how sugar intake might affect cancer. They have reported that it’s converted to a type of sugar known as fructose. Tests done on mice show the mechanism in which it happens. Cancer researchers have published in medical journals that people who eat a lot of sugar are at risk of breast cancer. The research conducted by Lorenzo Cohen of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center is one of the biggest proofs of how eating sugar can result in cancer.

Research Results on how Sugar Intake Affects Cancer

Additional evidence from a growing body of science shows that Western-style lifestyle is a major risk for various types of cancer. Research shows that two–thirds of cancer cases result from poor lifestyle choices like the use of tobacco, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet. Refined sugar is also a culprit.

sugar consumption

The average American consumes between 150 and 170 pounds of sugar a year. Sugar consumption has increased 17 times from the 1980’s. Some sugars are vital nutrients used by the body in the form of glucose to generate energy. Cohen’s research found that fructose affects the body’s metabolic pathway or process known as 12-LOX which help in cell metastasize or spread. He also added that most cancer patients don’t die of their primary tumor but die of metastatic disease.

Effects of Sugar Intake on Cancer

The Cohen research team reported that diets high in starch also contribute to breast cancer. Mice who ate a starch-dominant diet had a higher incidence of breast cancer. Cohen’s group investigated whether the two components, starch, and sugar, made any difference since the body processed them differently. They found out that glucose is handled by the pancreas and other body organs while fructose is processed more by the liver. They discovered that when the mice ate more fructose, their tumors grew larger and faster.

This report stresses the fact that cancer patients must reduce their intake of sugar. Sugar is addictive and can be difficult to take out of the diet. One way of removing sugar is to participate in a sugar detox program. The “21 Day Detox Program” is an excellent way to be successful in removing toxins from the body.

Effects of Sweetened Drinks and Refined Sugar on Growth of Tumors

This study supports other findings that revealed that pancreas tumors thrive on fructose. Fructose has higher effects on metastasis process compared to glucose. Any sugar increases tumor growth, but fructose has a higher rate. Like oxygen, too much is toxic, but a little is vital. Fruits provide fructose mixed with fiber and other nutrients.

Sweetened drinks are a large source of sugar in the western diet. They only provide sugar with no other nutrients. Health officials, therefore, advise people to consume less refined sugar.


We should all eat less sugar. If we are diagnosed with cancer, it is even more imperative to reduce processed sugar in our diet.

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