Recap of the Asian Clinical Society 2016 Meeting

Bridging the Gap – Conference Theme

The 12th Asia Clinical Oncology Society conference happened in New Delhi, India on April 8th, 2016.

The meeting showcased radiology oncology, cancer treatment and disease research in Asia. The central theme of the conference was to provide a cancer free globe by “Bridging the Gap.” The meeting discussed major concerns like diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to organ cancer and innovative techniques.

Programs were presented based on oncology administration, innovative procedures, and investigation of new ideas. Other discussions of the conference comprised of prevention, statistics, epidemiology, multidisciplinary management that is, patient care, and radiotherapy among others.

World Collaboration

Experts from all over the world came together to discover the latest findings on Oncology. The top cancer researchers which included scientists, doctors, and professors had their names recognized in this three consecutive days meeting. The meeting had up-to-date renovations, improvements, experimental trials and broadly acclaimed speakers.

Meeting Proceedings

The meeting began with an opening speech given by the Keynote sessions followed by addresses provided by both individuals from the Keynote discussion and Honorable guest.

Some of the experts who gave presentations were:

1. Dr. Chieko Kai of the University of Tokyo in Japan
2. Dr. Fazlul H Sarkar of Wayne State University from the United States of America
3. Dr. Mauricio Camus of the Potential Catholic the University of Chile
4. Dr. Ivy Chung of University of Malaysa
5. Dr. Michael Bilous of the University of Sydney in Australia
6. Dr. Chieko Kai of the University of Tokyo in Japan

Conference Success


Based on reviews of ACOS2016, the conference was a triumph.
The meeting brought together experts from all over the world for discussion and knowledge sharing. Asia has oncology issues as other parts of the world. Learning more about what other countries are doing can only ensure success for all oncology professionals.

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