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What is Radiation Oncology?

Radiation Oncology is the use of electromagnetic beams to treat or control the spread of cancerous cells. The electromagnetic beams or radiation is controlled and directed only to the tumor. That way, it only damages the cell structure of the … Continue reading

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How Does Sugar Intake Affect Cancer?

Researchers may be in a position to explain how sugar intake might affect cancer. They have reported that it’s converted to a type of sugar known as fructose. Tests done on mice show the mechanism in which it happens. Cancer … Continue reading

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Recap of the Asian Clinical Society 2016 Meeting

Bridging the Gap – Conference Theme The 12th Asia Clinical Oncology Society conference happened in New Delhi, India on April 8th, 2016. The meeting showcased radiology oncology, cancer treatment and disease research in Asia. The central theme of the conference … Continue reading

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